Monday, May 2, 2016

Trailer graphic artwork

This is Dad as a playful 3-year-old, back in 1935

So apparently, lots of people name their trailers.  I may or may not have been marginally aware of this, even before I had already decided that I would be naming ours in honor of Dad.  He knew that I had wanted a teardrop trailer for a long time, and even though before he died, we were at a point where we didn't think we were really going to get one, Dad knew I was still thinking about it, and he would occasionally talk about "our trailer" that we were going to get.  Like he knew all along it would eventually happen.

It was an easy, almost intuitive decision to name our trailer after him.  And of course, the next logical step was to design a graphic that we can install right on the front.  This is what we will use.