Thursday, June 30, 2016

Well, looky here. New pictures of Billy!

Things are coming along.  Today we got this photo update from SoCal Teardrops:

Look, he has skin!

Anodized aluminum skin.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the shop, the chassis frame is getting welded.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Preganancy Analogy

It was more than 5 months ago that Jerry and I started on this process of getting a teardrop trailer. The company that we chose to buy from is a small, family owned outfit.  So-Cal Teardrops builds a great product and they have a solid reputation, but they are only able to build (by hand, mind you, from scratch), a few trailers each month.  So back in January, we made a deposit to get on the waiting list for a June start date, with completion expected in July.

And so, our "trailer pregnancy" started.   And I likened it to a pregnancy because in the beginning, the due date seemed a long way off.  And we were like, "OMG, I cant believe this is really happening!  You're glad we're doing this, right?  Is it too early to tell my friends and family about it?"

That was the "first trimester,"  which also included researching about all the different accessories and ancillary purchases that we might need or want, and which thankfully did NOT include morning sickness, fatigue, or weird cravings.

The second trimester was pretty much a continuation of the first, with more planning and accessory procurement.  What kind of accessories, you may be wondering?  Things such as bedding, fabric to make curtains, some cookware, and a bunch of electrical and technical stuff that is pretty important, like solar panels and a brake controller, and an adaptor for Jerry's CPAP machine.  And, as with a pregnancy, I felt like I was ready to share my happy news.  Oh, and that part about the weird cravings?  I have to say that I have been trying out several camp cooking experiments, such as barbecuing on the Volcano Grill, or making pancakes in the little camp skillet on the stove.  Pizza on the grill?  It's research!

Now this pregnancy will not go the full nine months, and the trimesters are not all equal in their length, but after all, this is no human baby we're gestating.   However, I always knew from the beginning that once they started building it, we would be in the third trimester.  The home stretch.  The part when everybody wants to see that baby bump.

Here is the baby bump that will be Little Billy: