Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 8-10, with Larry and Kathy in CO

Roadside sunflowers
I love the last few miles, driving on the country roads leading up to Larry and Kathy's house.

Country road
I can't help taking pictures right from the truck, even while we're moving.  I almost have to do it while we're moving, or I'd be asking Jerry to pull over every 50 feet!

Larry's front yard
Jerry (left) and Larry in his front yard.

Larry's back yard
In Larry's back yard.  They live on about 40 acres of forest.

Front yard rainbow
Billy enjoys a rainbow from the front yard.  And a good rinsing off, courtesy of mother nature.

Back yard deer
There is always wildlife to see at Larry & Kathy's.  A couple of times, deer came to the yard.

bloody antlers
This stag was shedding the velvet on his antlers.  It was kind of bloody and gross, but also interesting to see.  I had only seen it on nature shows on TV, so it was cool to see it in real life.

bloody antlers

Skunk in Larry's yard
A skunk came to the bird-feeding area.  I guess skunks like bird seeds, too.  Larry wasn't too happy about that.  He would prefer the birds.  And there are some birds he likes better than others.  He made gun-shooting noises out the window (with his mouth, you know, like a kid would do if he were pretending to shoot at something) to chase the skunk away.

Larry's pet fox
The highlight of the wildlife viewing was the daily visitation of the foxes.  This one fox in particular has been friends with Larry for many years.  She is definitely still wild, but she trusts him.  And she eats from his hand.

Here is a video of him feeding several foxes.  I think mostly they are the almost-grown pups from the fox in the preceding photo.

Run it through Tangled FX
I took a mediocre photo, retouched and tweaked it a little, and ran it through the Tangled app on my iPad.  And now it's art!  I don't know which of the foxes this is.  Larry can tell most of them apart, and has given them names, much like Jane Goodall named the chimps she studied for so many years.  But I'd like to think this is his favorite one, called "Pooper"

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