Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wedding in Monterey

Earlier this month, we took Little Billy to Monterey, where my niece was married.  We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights, because dressing up and celebrating with family frankly required more space and amenities than a tiny trailer can provide.  But when the wedding was over, we camped our way back down the coast.

The first night we spent at Plaskett Creek, a nice campground in the Big Sur area.  We were across the highway from the ocean, and a long steep climb down to the beach and back, but at least there is beach access there, and as luck would have it, a minus tide as well.  But we got there just before the tide turned to come back in, and it was a little cold and breezy, so we kept the beachcombing short.

The campground was spacious and grassy, with tall trees.  Water spigots were nearby, and we didn't need to use our 7 gallon water can. (In fact, all of the campgrounds we stayed in had water near enough that we didn't use our own water at all.) Due to the recent fire, and continued threat of fire in Big Sur, no fires, not even in the barbecue, were allowed.  I knew this in advance, so I planned a stovetop meal. 

The next morning started out sunny and bright.  We were headed to Pismo Beach, but not before I went back to look at the ocean once more in the sunshine.

We stopped briefly at the beach near San Simeon, where people come to hang out and watch the elephant seals hanging out.  We stood there in the chilly wind, watching and listening as the seals lounged, flung fins-full of sand on themselves, jostled and jousted around a little, all the while making noises that sounded like a lot of belching and farting (but I'm pretty sure it was neither).

In Pismo, we stayed at North Beach campground.  Not on the sand, but near enough.  And, on purpose of course, our campsite was just about as close to the Butterfly Grove as you can get.

The tide was going out when we arrived there in the late afternoon.  There were scattered shells, mostly clams and a few broken sand-dollars, and lots of piles of glorious, tangled kelp.

The setting "supermoon"

Dinner was another stovetop mish-mash.  Just a can of this, and a can of that, but easy and filling.  And this campground has both showers and a dish-washing area.  Nice.

In the morning while Jerry rested, I took a walk along the beach.  I found a few bugs in the dune plants.  I have a cousin who lives just minutes away from Pismo, and she came to the campground to visit us for breakfast.  That was a treat!

Our last stop for the night before we came home was Point Mugu.  Once again, I had booked in the campground that was not on the sand.  We stayed at Sycamore Canyon.  It was dry and breezy, and only sparsely populated with other campers. 

Really, the whole campground was an asphalt lot at the mouth of the canyon.  But it wasn't bad because there were very few people there.   I expected not to be able to use the firepit, but the ranger said we could, so we brought out the pie irons and made dinner and dessert in them.

sliced roast beef, green chiles, onion, cheese (somehow, I think I took this before I put the cheese on)

trimmed of excess tortilla, and cooked


and for dessert, banana bread, stuffed with...bananas!  and chocolate!

Sycamore canyon campground on a bright and shiny morning

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